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Coast Weekly Steve Palumbi Comeback Corals
Tracking down illegal whale meat

10/21/10 Brand New Bay

Monterey Coast Weekly

7/6/10 Finding your science: good idea,
bad idea

NSF Video via YouTube

7/1/10 The comeback corals

Stanford Magazine

6/24/10 Tracking down illegal whale meat through DNA


Steve Palumbi
Twist in batle to save te whales
Hermit crab
Save The Whales

6/1/10 Whaling -- politics, science & ethics

Public Radio International

5/27/10 Latest twist in decades-long battle to save the whales

ABC News

5/9/10 'Cryptic Species' offer scientists a window into evolution

San Jose Mercury News

8/20/09 Hopkins Marine Station scientists discover an amorous new hermit crab species

Monterey County Weekly

3/29/2010 With some species rebounding, commission weighs loosening of ban

Washington Post

Sign On San Diego
Wall Street Journal

2/18/2010 Sea change coming for marine reserves?

San Diego Union-Tribune

2/3/10 Lost leviathans: hunting the world's missing whales

New Scientist

11/11/2009 Whale watch: endangered designation in danger

The Wall Street Journal

8/11/2009 Rising ocean acidity: 'The other carbon problem'

USA Today

The Evolution Explosion
Acid Test

5/13/09 Scientists urge world leaders to respond cooperatively to Pacific Ocean threats

Center for Ocean Solutions

5/8/09 The Evolution Boomerang


2009 Strange Days on Planet Earth 2

2009 Acid Test: Natural Resources Defense Council
The End of the Line
Blue Whale

2009 The End of the Line: The Fish Film Company

2009, Kingdom of the Blue Whales:
National Geographic Films

2008, Planet Earth: Discovery Channel

9/11/2007 Gray whale recovery called incorrect

Los Angeles Times

Life After People The Future is Wild ~ Additional News and Interviews ~
2007 Life After People: History Channel The Future is Wild    


Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford University, 120 Ocean View Blvd., Pacific Grove, CA 93950