The Extreme Life of the Sea

Reviews & Interviews

Newreads Blogspot - takes readers to the absolute limits of the ocean world--the fastest and deepest, the hottest and oldest creatures of the oceans
Scientific American - From “immortal” jellyfish that age in reverse, to zombie bone worms that eat the skeletons of dead whales, the ocean is full of bizarre characters.
Mercury News (middle of page) - As fascinating as they make these discoveries, the Palumbis offer more than a slide show; the book outlines the threats to the oceans, urging specific changes to preserve its complex ecologies.
Huffington Post - There is no time like the present to immerse ourselves in fascinating tales of marine science, to appreciate the extreme life of the sea for the guiltless wonder it is.
Campaign for the American Reader - It dives into the icy Arctic and boiling hydrothermal vents--and exposes the eternal darkness of the deepest undersea trenches--to show how marine life thrives against the odds.
The Page 99 Test - "Each flight is only seconds long. Cruel gravity pulls her toward the water – and beneath is the rainbow form of the mahi mahi matching speeds."

"This book brims with fascinating tales of life in the sea, told with freshness, wit, and verve. Simply wonderful." --Callum Roberts, author of "The Ocean of Life: The Fate of Man and the Sea"


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